Top 2015 Haunted Houses in Denver to Visit on Halloween

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Top haunted houses in Denver to visit on Halloween

Halloween in Denver is not just a fun occasion for kids. Even adults could enjoy this festival to the fullest by experiencing really scary encounters in the haunted houses of this city. These haunted houses meant for adults attract visitors in multiples on Halloween. You could look forward to some terrifying moments in these houses.

13th Floor Haunted House – This building has become legendary and is featured most in television channels and travel shows.  It is regarded as the topmost haunted building in entire Colorado, and among the top 10 in all of United States. The 13th Floor tries to explain why this is an unlucky number and why many buildings do not have the thirteenth floor.

Undead: What Lies Beneath – This is Denver’s latest addition to the haunted houses of the city. This building is built on the resemblance of a farmhouse and cabin that actually existed. According to popular belief, a paranormal investigation carried out in this farmhouse went miserably wrong and resulted in spirits getting invited to this place. Visitors should be strong hearted enough to meet characters as seen in films like Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead. Visit to Undead is in the same ticket as the 13th Floor, as both are in the same location.

Asylum – This haunted house on 39th Avenue is centrally located and hence easily accessible from all directions. Recently it has increased to double its original size. Asylum is entirely indoors, dark, damp, and musty. As you go around you would be greeted with unending screams of agonized souls.

Primitive Fear Haunted House – In the same location as Asylum is Primitive Fear. Throughout the premises of Primitive Fear get prepared to meet inhabitants run over in street accidents, mutants, and zombies. Visitors coming to Asylum are also allowed to visit Primitive Fear in the same ticket.

City of the Dead – City of the Dead should be your last destination on Halloween. In addition to intense horrifying experiences this haunted house in Mile High Marketplace, it also offer live entertainment, food and drinks. With recreated city streets, and zombie themed entertainment zones, nights are unending sojourns of fun and enjoyment.