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The Best 4 Events to Attend This Halloween

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The Denver Halloween Ball Background

Halloween is the time to meet friends, have fun, get a year’s worth of scares and indulge in exciting and interesting activities. Denver is well known for its lavish and extravagant Halloween celebrations, and the people of Denver have a reputation as Halloween enthusiasts who like to spend their Halloween participating in specific events or visiting specific locations.

The atmosphere of scare takes over the city of Denver during the time of Halloween, and the large-scale events are indeed of epic proportions. The recurring theme is that of horror, intricate costumes and festive trick or treating. If you are planning during the lead up to this year’s Halloween, here are four must-see places that you are recommended not to miss –

  • The Denver Halloween Costume Ball This event is a spectacle of the grandest proportions. Envisioned and executed by the reputed Dream Entertainment Group, the Denver Halloween Costume Ball takes place inside one of the most celebrated and historic buildings of Denver- the Sherman Street Event Center situated in downtown Denver. People flock to this event to enjoy the different kinds of Halloween themed entertainment on offer, rub shoulders with the hottest socialites of Denver, and to celebrate at the open bar, which actually remains open all night. The spooky location adds to the charm of the party, and the live DJ music and costume contests keep the spirits up through the night.

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  • Dracula – Every Halloween enthusiast worth their salt has at some point of time or the other dressed up as the famous Count created by Bram Stoker. There is no better event on Halloween than Dracula, a popular and long-running play based on the Stoker classic. Performed by Colorado Ballet and with a chilling, eerie background score perfected by the Colorado Ballet Orchestra, this jaw-dropping horror fest comes with its own set of statutory warnings. Expect vampire seductresses, mental patients with scary quirks and the definitely the proverbial king of the undead, the intimidating Count himself.

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  • Spider Mansion Denver is home to some of the world’s scariest themed haunted houses, but nothing comes to the Spider Mansion. This intense haunt experience is not for the faint of heart as you are taken on a terrifying journey which tests the last dregs of your courage and stamina. Located on the Heritage Square, this haunted house was reportedly built on a nest of dangerous black widow spiders. Since then, every family that has ever come to live there has fallen prey to the venomous spiders, which now rule the roost in the mansion. Visit only if you have a stomach for vicious scares.

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  • Corn Maze – How many times have you seen the bloody climaxes of horror movies being played out in the middle of dark, scary corn fields? Denver is home to quite a few of these mazes, and some of them promise a delicious horror experience. Notable among these is the Haunted Field of Screams which is the largest horror-themed corn maze in the area with over 35 acres of haunted cornfield. The tall corn stalks create an impression of foreboding doom, and your only guiding light is the sinister light of the moon. Scream Acres is another haunt that is fast gaining popularity for its interactive ghost haunt, replete with cutting edge special effects.