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7 Typical Costume Ideas for Halloween Parties   

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Halloween parties are the rage among people in Denver. Denver is considered one of the best places to be during Halloween season, and the parties are something of a spectacle. People flock to Halloween parties to show off their carefully selected and executed looks, specially planned for Halloween. The range of costumes on display at a typical Halloween party in Denver can be quite fascinating to behold. People actually start planning for Halloween parties months before in order to come up with interesting and eye-catching costumes that would turn heads and add to the Halloween ambience. If you have exhausted your Halloween costume ideas over the last few years and are wondering how to dress up for this year’s parties, here are a few ideas which you consider –

  1. Little Red Riding Hood – This cult classic children’s story has its own shades of fear and scares, and could very well supply the perfect Halloween party look for kids. The immediate association that kids and adults alike have with the look makes it a perfect foil for the Halloween ambience. The look is easy to accomplish- start off with a simple dress in white or grey. Accompany this with a shiny red cape, something which is easily available, and complete the look with a basket of goodies.
  2. Zombie – Zombies have been around for a long time, but with the new wave of zombie stories rising to popularity on television and movies, they have had a new lease of life as far as Halloween parties are concerned. You can get elaborate zombie costumes are most Halloween themed shops which have very life-like detailing and would definitely make you the center of attraction.
  3. Werewolf – As with vampires, werewolves also have been receiving quite a lot of attention recently. Look out for an authentic werewolf costume and use it to great effect to scare your friends at Halloween parties. These costumes sometimes also come with realistic werewolf sounds which you can trigger via switches.
  4. Your Favorite Killer – Serial killers suddenly become superstars during the time of Halloween, and you cannot pass up the chance to dress up like your favorite one and wow everyone at Halloween parties. Get your Freddy Krueger mask, a hat and a few steel talon attachments for your fingers for the Elm Street look, or pull out your old jacket, get a rusty steel blade and put on your Jason mask for the Friday the 13th
  5. Frankenstein’s Monster – Rustle up some bandages over a bloodied shirt, and apply some black paint for the dirty look, and you can very well be the star of the party as the Frankenstein monster.
  6. Witch – For female Halloween enthusiasts, a long, flowing black dress coupled with a flying broom and a wooden wand can be a great way to bewitch your friends at Halloween parties. Complete the look with loud makeup and practice some evil-sounding incantations to heighten the spectacle.
  7. Vampire – This look is hard to beat as it is sure to be one of the most popular and breathtaking costumes, ideal to spice up a Halloween party. The count is an old favorite among Halloween fanatics, and with some of the props available nowadays it is possible to make the look incredibly authentic and chillingly life-like. With the standard black cape, you can now put on a combination of fake vampire fangs, white face paint and fake blood to create a sinister effect from scratch.