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Extravagant Halloween costumes

Most extravagant Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are innovative creations made from discarded clothes, accessories, and even furnishings. It is a craft that could be developed in home if you have enough inclination and time. In several cases , these costumes are bought from specialty stores a few weeks before Halloween. Depending on your preference and budget you could buy expensive varieties or settle for fair priced types. High-end Halloween costumes are designed by experts and sold from select outlets.

Mad Hatter – This character from Alice in Wonderland is a delight for designers. Its hand painted hat and use of rainbow hue thread for the clothes is really an example of fine craftsmanship. Not every designer could design these and create them to perfection. The costume is complete with a jacket, scarf, and auburn wig. It is a classic example of Halloween exclusive costume.

Snow White – This is another famous fairy tale character that is loved by people of all ages. The innocence, vulnerability and exquisite charm is captured in a spotless white gown, a crown, a jewelled hat, and pearl jewellery. This character is never spooky and is a favourite among children. An entire party is enlivened by the appearance of Snow White. Even ghosts and other hostile characters take a back seat when Snow White is around.

Bettlejuice – This fairy tale character is actually a pair with both decked in special attires.  One is dressed as a crocodile and the other a Gorgon with 5 pairs of eyes.

Little Red Riding Hood – This fairy tale has several characters on which Halloween costumes are designed.  The dress of Riding Hood is in expensive red frills complemented with a rede hood. The dress is authentic and could also be worn to parties.

The Beaker costume – This costume from the series Muppets is always a hit. The outfit is eye-striking with bright orange hair, Styrofoam eyeballs, and a huge nose. The outfit is only of a head which is prepared from the best materials.

Dinosaur – A dinosaur though is a huge creature, its recreation as a Halloween costume is expensive. The outfit is complete with a hood, big eyes, and spikes at the back.

Homemade costumes for Halloween to save time and money

Halloween held in October is a pleasant time to celebrate. Girls and boys, uncles and aunts, kids and teenagers and even grandpas and grandmas participate in this event with joy and merriment. This is an event to dress in crazy costumes, make weird home decorations, prepare uncommon recipes, and party till eerie hours. Costumes and home decorations are the two most distinctive features of a Halloween.

It is always not feasible to buy a costume for some reason or the other. In such cases the only option is to create them at home. Creating these at home is great fun as it involves family members. It also saves on your cost as old and unwanted materials are used in making these.

Ghost – This is the easiest of homemade costumes as an old white bed sheet is the only item required. All you need to do is cut out two holes in position with your eyes. To make the ghost more realistic, lipstick might be smeared in position of the ghost’s mouth, and cheek covered with blusher.

Jelly bean bag – This homemade costume is ideal for grown-up children and early teenagers. Clear trash bag and plenty of balloons are the materials needed to prepare this dress. Holes are to be cut to put through your arms and legs. Then fill the bag with inflated balloons and tie the bag near your neck. The appearance would exactly be like a living jelly bean bag. To make it more convincing, nutritional facts about jelly beans could be written at the back of the bag.

Fortune teller – This homemade costume looks great on ladies of all ages. You need to put on a sparkling top and pair it with a long skirt. A shawl draped over your shoulder and a head scarf completes your dress. Complement your dress with flashy jewellery you have at home and wear rings in most of your fingers to lend a more convincing look. All through the party sporting a mysterious smile is a must.

Silent film stars – This is a convenient choice for a couple. Your dress code should be black and white. For your lips use black lipstick and wear black eye shadow as blush. Use white body paint on face, neck and upper arms. Men should wear a black suit with a black tie and black shoes. White gloves for both members of a couple are recommended.

Halloween House Party Ideas

Halloween House Party Ideas

Halloween inexpensive house party ideas

Halloween is an autumn festival where friends and relatives meet for fun and revelry. Every member of a family could be a participant in these parties as it is an occasion of bonhomie. Theme parties are also popular during Halloween. These are targeted to definite groups such as children, teenagers, adults and so on. Decoration, food, and music are arranged accordingly. The setting of a kids’ party would certainly be different from that of a teenagers. Theme, decorations, games, costumes and food contribute towards a party’s success.


A theme defines a party and makes things easier for decorations, costumes, and music. These themes vary widely children and teenagers, and between teenagers and adults. In case your target group are kids, keeping pumpkin as a theme would be excellent. Pumpkins are really funny and are alluring to kids. They love to see places decorated with Jack pumpkin, lanterns, and a dimly lit environment lead to a theme part. Display of dangerous items like severed head, or sinister clown could be scary for children. Themes based on cartoon characters, like Pop Eye, or Scooby Doo could be perfect. A zombie party could be ideal for teenagers as they usually love uncanny setting and costumes.


Decoration is the expression of your theme. Before decorating it is essential to have a budget. Buying items without a budget could become a waste. When a theme is fixed it becomes easier to buy items. Bats, candle stands, cobwebs, creepy insects, fluorescent ghosts, scary centre pieces etc are available readily, and you need to decide on the items depending on your theme. It could be a graveyard, a haunted house, a vampire’s palace and so on.


Costumes are an integral part of a Halloween party. These costumes could be based on fairy tales for kids’ parties, famous ghosts for teenagers, and sarcastic costumes for adults. Most of these costumes could be created with old dresses and props at home.

Ghost story or cinema

Ghosts and Halloween are inseparable. So having a collection of the best ghost or horror movies depending on the invited crowd is essential. There are several funny horror movies targeted for families; or really terrifying films targeted for adults. Your choice should be perfect.

Halloween cocktails for a Heady Party


Halloween cocktails for a heady party

Drinks set the mood for a party and when the occasion is Halloween the preparations need to be spooky and distinctive. Drinks are a vital component of a Halloween party which also includes uncanny interior decorations, creepy costumes, sinister music, and delectable recipes.

Caramel apple punch – This is a simple preparation of spiced rum, apple cider, lemon juice and apple slice for garnishing. For this drink you need:

  • 1 quart of apple cider,
  • 2 tablespoonful fresh lemon juice,
  • 1 ¼ cup of spiced rum,
  • Thin slices of apple

Pour apple cider and rum in a pitcher or bowl, add the lemon juice and mix it well. Place it inside a refrigerator for 12 hours. Serve chilled with crushed ice and apple slices as garnish.

Vampire punch – Pomegranate is the chief ingredient of this drink. The other ingredients are:

  • ½ cup gin;
  • ½ cup Campari;
  • ½ cup squeezed fresh orange juice;
  • 3 cups chilled club soda;
  • ¼ cup sugar;
  • ½ cup pomegranate seeds;
  • Thin slices of orange.

Pour the sugar in ¼ cup of water and stir the mixture over medium flame till the sugar is completely dissolved. Put off the flame and let the syrup cool for a couple of minutes. Mix all the ingredients, except club soda, pomegranate seeds and orange slices, well in a bowl or pitcher and chill it for about 12 hours. Before serving add club soda, pomegranate seeds, and orange slices.

Pumpkin Martini – This drink is a must for a Halloween party. This is a liqueur made from pumpkin puree and vodka. Ingredients needed are:

  • 3 tablespoonfuls of vodka;
  • 1 tablespoonful pure pumpkin puree;
  • ¼ tablespoon of pumpkin pie sauce;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar,
  • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup;
  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract.

1/8 of pumpkin pie spice is first added to sugar on a plate. A pre-chilled martini is first dipped in ice and then in sugar. Vodka, maple syrup, pumpkin puree, remainder of the pumpkin pie, and vanilla extract are mixed and shaken vigorously with ice inside a shaker. The liquid is then strained and served in pre-chilled glass.

Best scary Halloween costume to instil fear

For a really creepy Halloween party the dress code should be actually scary. It is not always that you need to spend enough to create or buy a sinister costume. Even the scariest costumes could be created by materials available at home. Old clothes, lots of colours, and accessories easily available are the materials needed to create the perfect horrifying Halloween outfit.

Vampires – Vampires are indispensable in Halloween parties. To become a vampire you only need dark coloured, preferably black, bed sheet, curtain or blanket, red food dye and corn syrup. You could have a well-groomed appearance, or just dab some powder on your face for a pale appearance. The long black cloth should be tied around your neck so that it becomes your cape. Mix the red food dye and corn syrup with water to make blood. Now let this blood streak down from the corners of your mouth.

Bad Tooth fairy – A pair of old angel or fairy wings is the main accessory of this attire. Then you need to cut a white paper in the shape of a giant tooth to be pasted on the chest of a solid tee-shirt. You also need to make some artificial blood as earlier (i.e. with corn syrup, red food dye, and water) to splatter over your dress, face and body. The angel wing should be tied to your back.

Sinister Clown – This requires a garish make up with plenty of colours all over you. You need to put on the most colourful dress you have. Enough colours are needed for you face and hair. Your face should be painted white with spiked brows and aquamarine eye shadows. Blood red or deep maroon colour should be used to create a gaping mouth, and for your nose a red nose cap would be necessary. Hair should be streaked in several shades to complete a sinister look.

Beheaded – There can be nothing scarier than a beheaded person walking around. For this costume, you need a dark coloured shirt big enough to cover at least up to your forehead. The remaining part of your head could be covered with a beige cloth splattered with blood colour. You need to buy a terrifying looking head and carry it in your hands.

Best male Halloween costume for a mystical party

Halloween is a festival of fun that is celebrated with friends and family members.  Every person from children to their parents and grandparents take part in this revelry. A Halloween party is unthinkable without costume clothes even for the men. Just before Halloween, every garment outlet from designer stores to quaint locality kiosks abound in these weird male costumes.  Most of these outfits are inspired by films, characters of films, and cartoon characters.

Star Wars – This movie created history after its release and had a tremendous impact on fashion world. Most of the characters from the film inspired designers to create new costumes, and there is a host of them: Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Storm trooper, Skywalker, and Chewbacca. Darth Vader outfit is completely black from head to toe with black mesh mask, black gloves, black shoulder guard with cape, and knee length boots. Kylo Ren is also a totally black outfit except that the lower portion resembles a robe and there is an additional black hood.

Storm trooper is entirely white and a perfect Halloween costume. Chewbacca is also an ideal outfit for Halloween with an olive green furry body, mane, and sharp pairs of canines.

Jack Skellington – This black pinstripe costume inspired from the film ‘The Night before Christmas’ is complete with a white football head with round black eyes, skeleton gloves, and a ragged bow tie. A runaway hit for Halloween.

Scooby Doo – This costume based on cartoon character Scooby Doo is very popular among Halloween party goers. Your body is covered in this light brown attire from head to toe and the dress even has a tail and a Scooby Doo hood.

Fred Flintstone – Fred Flintstone is a renowned cartoon character which men love to imitate in Halloween parties. This craggy sleeveless dress falling till your calf lends a casual demeanour to your appearance. The orange dress with small black triangles is complemented well with sky blue scarf and a craggy wig.

Ghostbusters – With ghosts all around it is only natural that a ghost buster is around. This off white colour dress is buttoned at the collar and comes with a toy gun and a black backpack.

Best Last Minute Costume for Halloween

Best last minute costume for Halloween

It is not always possible to shop for Halloween costumes or create them at home because of time scarcity. This need not be a reason for worrying as last minute costumes could be made from whatever is available at home. You just need to be sharp witted for making these costumes.

Error 404 – This is phrase is known to anyone who is acquainted with Internet communication. This statement is displayed whenever a server connection is not found. You take a plain light coloured shirt, preferably white, and write: ‘Error 404 – Costume not Found’. Nothing could be easier than this.

God’s gift – In case you do not want to spoil a shirt, you could take a piece of paper and stick it on your dress. Write the words: ‘From God, To Man/ Woman’ depending upon whether you are a lady or a gentleman. For making yourself more convincing as a gift all you need is to tie a bow around your neck.

Spider –  Attire in black dress from top to bottom and tie a black head band. For the legs sew a few black panty hoses to the upper part of your dress. Stuffing these hoses could give a more convincing look as legs.

Crazy cat lady – You could present yourself as one if actually you are so in real life. It is expected that you would be having a number of stuffed cats. Put on your bath robe over your dress and hang a few of the soft toys to it. For a crazier appearance curl your hair. The curlers could be left in your tresses.

Facebook  – If you have to attend a Halloween party directly from office the simplest way to change your appearance could be done with a black erasable marker. Just write the word ‘book’ covering your face.

Kids in pajamas – The most colourful pajama dress for your little girl could be perfect for a Halloween. Tie her hair in pigtails, and give her a stuffed toy to carry. Slippers are the best footwear for a PJ dress.

Ghost – Of course, this is a perennial favourite. You need an old bed sheet of single colour, preferably white or a dark shade. Cut two holes for your eyes and just throw it over you.

Best Halloween Events in United

Best Halloween events in United States that go beyond revelry

Halloween is a much loved festival in United States that has men and women, boys and girls participating in equal glee and enthusiasm. Not only families, even groups join in this revelry of music, dancing, food and drinks.

Keene Pumpkin Festival – Keene is a small town of only 24,000 inhabitants in New Hampshire. Even with this population it held the world record for hanging 28,000 ‘jack-o-lanterns’. Though this record is surpassed by Boston, the spirit and enthusiasm of the citizens of Keene is still unmatched.

Central Park Pumpkin Festival – This celebration in New York is a chock-a-block affair with all roads getting blocked. The entire city seems to assemble in Central Park to participate in hayrides, scarecrow competition, and puppet shows. Circus Berzerkus Haunted House is also another free attraction.

Texas Chainsaw Maze – In this free attraction you meet terrifying characters like the Old Man, Leatherface, and the Hitchhiker at different turns of a maze. In case you feel the scariness is not enough then you could attempt the paid attractions such as the Haunted Woods, the Castle of Doom, and the Sanitarium. This event in Houston attracts enthusiasts from even nearby cities.

New Orleans – Residents of Annie Rice in New Orleans, Louisiana never run short of ideas while celebrating Halloween. Vampires, and Jokers are found throughout the city particularly in places that organize spooky activities. Several free events are organized in the Halloween parades of Jim Monhaghan, and Krewe of Halloween. French Quarter witnesses a superlative costume party on Halloween. On the following day, i.e. All Saints Day, family members of the deceased visit cemeteries pay their respects.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival –  This is among the most pompous events, and seen to be believed. After Rose Parade, this carnival is the second most popular event in West Hollywood, California. About half a million revellers join this party that extend well beyond midnight.

Festival of the Dead – Salem in Massachusetts awakens with this festival. Witches make an annual comeback on this day when Salem Witches Magic Circle celebrate ‘holiday of the witches’.

Zombie Walk – This event held in Detroit, Wisconsin is not only about merriment. World Zombie Day is celebrated by collecting food and donations for the hungry and deprived.

Best Female Halloween Costumes

Best Female Halloween costumes for lighting up Halloween evening

Climatically, Halloween is held during falls, the season to adorn most colourful and trendy clothes. From designer labels to popular varieties, the selection is inspiring and exclusive. There are costumes for women of all ages and sizes. Even plus sized women could try out elegant or tempting outfits to fit the occasion. It is customary to costume dresses inspired by cartoon, real life, and cinema characters.

Alex’s attire from Clockwork Orange –  A white dress could be pure or sinister depending on the character you want to represent. Alex DeLarge was clothed in white dress with black bowler’s hat. A white outfit worn with a black strap-on and bowler’s hat could lend a sinister demeanour to your appearance in a Halloween party.

Paper doll – Creating a paper doll dress is innovative for any party. The technique involves cutting card board in the shape of dresses and pasting them on to another dress. A few tabs protruding from either sides gives the impression of a doll. A card board in the shape of a hair ribbon could be added to create a complete make up of a girl.

Lorde – If you want to look like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay the settle for a black sheer dress that covers you from neck to ankle. In case you want to look as stunning as Jennifer Lawrence then this is the attire to flaunt in an evening party.

Bettlejuice – For perfect appearance of a zombie there is no better costume than ‘bettlejuice’. A thick striped shirt or jacket forms the main piece of your dress and the remainder is created through making up. With hair streaked with green, face painted pale, and dark circles around your eyes you are as good as living dead.

Princess Leia – This princess from Star Wars is the inspiration behind this dress. The dress is a simple white frock, but the hairdo and make are the actual showstoppers. Thick kohled eyes, dark red lipstick, and hair buns covering the two ears complete your appearance for a Halloween night.

Frosty the Snowman – With this outfit you could appear simple yet dramatic. All you need to do is paste three black dots in a single column on your white full sleeved top. Complement this with a pair of black leggings and a red scarf.

Denver Halloween Venue Sherman St Event Center



Sherman St Event Center Denver Colorado









This Exclusive OPEN BAR Halloween Costume Ball offers the best all you can drink party package in Denver with a premier open bar all night, a $1,000 ‘Best of The Ball’ Halloween costume contest, LiveHalloween entertainment and Dj’s .
You will not find a spookier place in Downtown Denver to attend a Halloween Costume Party than the century old historic Sherman St. Event Center. Located at 1770 Sherman St. Built in 1907 the Sherman St. Event Center is an architectural masterpiece and a Denver landmark. The party will take place inside of the Grand Ballroom which is listed on both the National and Colorado Registry of Historic Places.


Did somebody say all you can drink Halloween party in Denver?  Yes we did! Your Denver Halloween Party Ticket will not only include your event entry but all of your drinks for the entire night. You will have access to multiple open bars in the ballroom and on the elegant wraparound mezzanine. Celebrate Halloween with a fun loving crowd, an open bar with  unlimited cocktails, wine, beer and some of Colorado’s most clever and creative Halloween costumes.





Halloween Denver 2014

The Denver Halloween Ball Open Bar All Night


This Halloween, Friday, October 31st, join Dream Entertainment Group and Colorado’s sexiest socialites for The Denver Halloween Costume Ball inside of the historic Sherman St. Event Center in Downtown Denver.
This Exclusive OPEN BAR Halloween Costume Ball offers the best all you can drink party package in the city of Denver with premier open bar all night, a $1,000 ‘Best of The Ball’ Halloween costume contest party, Michael Jackson Thriller Flash Mob, Live Halloween entertainment and Dj’s .
You will not find a spookier place in Downtown Denver to attend a Halloween Costume Party than the century old historic Sherman St. Event Center. Located at 1770 Sherman St. Built in 1907 the Sherman St. Event Center is an architectural masterpiece and a Denver landmark. The party will take place inside of the Grand Ballroom which is listed on both the National and Colorado Registry of Historic Places.
 Did somebody say all you can drink Halloween party in Denver?  Yes They did! Your Denver Halloween Costume Ball Ticket will not only include your event entry but all of your drinks for the entire night. You will have access to multiple open bars in the ballroom and on the elegant wraparound mezzanine. Celebrate Halloween with a fun loving crowd, a variety of unlimited cocktails, wine, beer and some of Colorado’s most clever and creative Halloween costumes.

Denver Halloween Costume Party



OPEN BAR: 9pm-1:45am

Open Bar includes

Beer -Wine -Martinis -Margaritas -Smirnoff Vodka -Bombay Gin -Bacardi Rum -Jim Beam Bourbon and -Dewers Scotch.

BEST OF THE BALL COSTUME CONTEST: $1,000 grand prize winner. Contestants will be judged on creativity, presentation and originality. Contestants must register during check in at the Halloween Party.

MUSIC: Best of Top 40, Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop/Soul.

DRESS CODE: Be creative. Unfortunately Naked is not an option at our Denver Halloween parties.

SEATING: Scattered seating will be available.

CHECK IN: Must have a valid photo ID and ticket to check in.

AGE: This event is 21+.

COAT CHECK: $5 per item.

PARKING: Covered parking is available in the Wells Fargo parking garage directly across from Sherman St. Event Center.

ATM Machines: located at the Wells Fargo one block from venue:


  • This event is open bar but please bring cash to tip bartenders.
  • Security and Denver Police will be ensuring safety.
  • NO Re-Entry will be permitted.
  • A smoking area will be available outside.

REFUNDS: There are NO refunds on tickets purchased for the Denver Halloween Costume Ball.

Please email, call or text for more information: or 720.319.8441

Denver Halloween Parties

Denver Halloween Parties

The Denver Halloween Ball Background

The Denver Halloween Ball Background

Halloween is the time to meet friends, have fun, get a year’s worth of scares and indulge in exciting and interesting activities. Denver is well known for its lavish and extravagant Halloween celebrations, and the people of Denver have a reputation as Halloween enthusiasts who like to spend their Halloween participating in specific events or visiting specific locations.

The atmosphere of scare takes over the city of Denver during the time of Halloween, and the large-scale events are indeed of epic proportions. The recurring theme is that of horror, intricate costumes and festive trick or treating. If you are planning during the lead up to this year’s Halloween, here are four must-see places that you are recommended not to miss –

  • The Denver Halloween Costume Ball This event is a spectacle of the grandest proportions. Envisioned and executed by the reputed Dream Entertainment Group, the Denver Halloween Costume Ball takes place inside one of the most celebrated and historic buildings of Denver- the Sherman Street Event Center situated in downtown Denver. People flock to this event to enjoy the different kinds of Halloween themed entertainment on offer, rub shoulders with the hottest socialites of Denver, and to celebrate at the open bar, which actually remains open all night. The spooky location adds to the charm of the party, and the live DJ music and costume contests keep the spirits up through the night.

Call – 303-863-9999

  • Dracula – Every Halloween enthusiast worth their salt has at some point of time or the other dressed up as the famous Count created by Bram Stoker. There is no better event on Halloween than Dracula, a popular and long-running play based on the Stoker classic. Performed by Colorado Ballet and with a chilling, eerie background score perfected by the Colorado Ballet Orchestra, this jaw-dropping horror fest comes with its own set of statutory warnings. Expect vampire seductresses, mental patients with scary quirks and the definitely the proverbial king of the undead, the intimidating Count himself.

Call – 303-837-8888

  • Spider Mansion Denver is home to some of the world’s scariest themed haunted houses, but nothing comes to the Spider Mansion. This intense haunt experience is not for the faint of heart as you are taken on a terrifying journey which tests the last dregs of your courage and stamina. Located on the Heritage Square, this haunted house was reportedly built on a nest of dangerous black widow spiders. Since then, every family that has ever come to live there has fallen prey to the venomous spiders, which now rule the roost in the mansion. Visit only if you have a stomach for vicious scares.

Call – 303-279-4646

  • Corn Maze – How many times have you seen the bloody climaxes of horror movies being played out in the middle of dark, scary corn fields? Denver is home to quite a few of these mazes, and some of them promise a delicious horror experience. Notable among these is the Haunted Field of Screams which is the largest horror-themed corn maze in the area with over 35 acres of haunted cornfield. The tall corn stalks create an impression of foreboding doom, and your only guiding light is the sinister light of the moon. Scream Acres is another haunt that is fast gaining popularity for its interactive ghost haunt, replete with cutting edge special effects.