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halloween party for kids

halloween party for kids

The time of Halloween is an especially special time for kids in Denver- whether it is Halloween parties, trips to haunted mansions or just some good old trick or treating with friends, Halloween is a time when young kids in Denver thoroughly enjoy themselves and take part in a lot of fun and horror-filled activities. If you are trying to plan a packed Halloween schedule for your kids and are looking for the best events to attend, the following list should meet your expectations nicely –

  • Hilltop Halloween Parade This interesting parade involves both young kids and adults dressed in their carefully picked Halloween costumes. Not only is it a fun way to meet with other young Halloween fanatics and have some fun time together, this parade also support a good cause- the donation of processed and canned food for the Denver Rescue Mission. Starting at Cranmer Park at 11 in the morning, the parade rounds off At Robinson Park by 1PM.

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  • Denver Public Library Halloween Party The kids love this one! A two-hour party where children from preschool age all the way through grade 5 are invited to come and enjoy wearing their choice costumes. Activities are plenty including Halloween themed art and craft making and trick or treating.

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

Denver Public Library, Central Branch Library

From 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Trick or Treat Street The outdoor shopping center in Aspen Grove is host to this unique and enjoyable Halloween event. Halloween is never complete without trick or treating, and children can trick or treat for free in the area. The event also features a special screening of the Halloween favorite “ParaNorman” for the kids.

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

Aspen Grove, Littleton

From 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Safe Street – And old favorite for many families, Old South Gaylord Halloween Safe Street is a phenomenon to behold. The entire stretch of the road is closed to traffic on the occasion of Halloween, and kids can trick or treat there for free. A great place to go with friends and enjoy kids’ favorite Halloween activity.

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

South Gaylord St. between Mississippi and Tennessee

From 4 p.m. – 7 p.m

  • Boo at the Zoo This one has been a firm favorite for kids over many years. Boo at the Zoo at Denver Zoo is the perfect event for a little Halloween family outing. There are many exciting animals on display, dedicated trick or treat stations, interesting animal demonstrations and plenty of other activities.

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

South Gaylord St. between Mississippi and Tennessee

From 4 p.m. – 7 p.m


  • Elitch Gardens – Come Halloween and the theme park is transformed to scream park at sunset. Filled with a maze of ghouls, ghosts and zombies, the park is a surefire hit with youngsters who want to get a kick out of pure fear. What better way to bring the festival than indulge in a Fright Fest and get to a Halloween mode!

Friday nights, Saturdays & Sundays | October 3 – November 2

Elitch Gardens Theme & Amusement Park, 2000 Elitch Cir.

Halloween Prank

Halloween Home in Denver

A new app promises to tell you whether someone died in a house before you buy it, so you know what kind of spooky shenanigans you might be signing up for. will search for murders, suicides, suspicious or natural deaths that occurred at a particular address, as well as meth lab activity or fires, starting at $11.99 for a single search. That can help you decide whether you need to be actively worried about ghosts or not. The database has 4.5 million houses in it so far, according to Bloomberg Business, and customers have bought 30,000 house searches.

In some high-profile cases, addresses are changed to conceal the morbid history of a home. That was the case with 755 15th St in Boulder Colorado, which was changed to 749 15th St ten years after 6-year old JonBenet Ramsey was murdered there in 1996. But a representative from DiedInHouse says it has updated both addresses, so that future buyers know the history of the home.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

 Halloween Safety Tips

It is always better take preventions than rush to hospitals for cure. Every festivity should be conducted with precautions particularly if it involves children and the elderly. Halloween is a festival that includes many uncertain treads and trails. It also includes unknown tricks and novel food items. In general it is always wise to stay in groups especially when the sky becomes dark. Some safety tips could be helpful and prevent untoward incidents.

  • Halloween should be celebrated within known surroundings and with know people. It could be dangerous to venture to new areas as you do not know what may lie in the darkness or who the people are behind the masks.


  • It is always a good idea to make a route plan of your Halloween city tour. A route plan made in advance helps in preparing you mentally for the actual day. Parents must not let their children be on their own on Halloween. Children should always be with elders even if they are in a group.


  • It is mandatory to carry a powerful flashlight with new batteries while staying or treading outdoors. It is advisable to wear easily distinguishable costume as identification would be easier. Parents should insist on children to wear an identification on their dress.


  • While walking it is advisable to stay on sidewalks and not stray on roads. Roads should be kept free for vehicles. Never run as that could lead to accidents. While crossing roads always use crosswalks or road intersections.


  • Always keep away from flower beds and avoid walking on gardens. Be watchful of jack o’ lanterns which could have open flames. While walking keep your head up and be aware of whatever is going around. It is not at all desirable to walk inside a building that is dark or dimly lit. Avoid waiting near such houses.


  • Never enter houses that are unknown to you. Only venture into homes that are known to you or which are well illuminated. It is desirable to stay away from unknown pets or unfamiliar animals.


  • Do not interact much with strangers, and never accept any rides from them. Refuse by saying a polite ‘thank you’.


  • In case your dress catches fire, do not panic. Just stop, drop, and roll till the fire is doused.
Hunted House

Top haunted houses in Denver to visit on Halloween

Halloween in Denver is not just a fun occasion for kids. Even adults could enjoy this festival to the fullest by experiencing really scary encounters in the haunted houses of this city. These haunted houses meant for adults attract visitors in multiples on Halloween. You could look forward to some terrifying moments in these houses.

13th Floor Haunted House – This building has become legendary and is featured most in television channels and travel shows.  It is regarded as the topmost haunted building in entire Colorado, and among the top 10 in all of United States. The 13th Floor tries to explain why this is an unlucky number and why many buildings do not have the thirteenth floor.

Undead: What Lies Beneath – This is Denver’s latest addition to the haunted houses of the city. This building is built on the resemblance of a farmhouse and cabin that actually existed. According to popular belief, a paranormal investigation carried out in this farmhouse went miserably wrong and resulted in spirits getting invited to this place. Visitors should be strong hearted enough to meet characters as seen in films like Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead. Visit to Undead is in the same ticket as the 13th Floor, as both are in the same location.

Asylum – This haunted house on 39th Avenue is centrally located and hence easily accessible from all directions. Recently it has increased to double its original size. Asylum is entirely indoors, dark, damp, and musty. As you go around you would be greeted with unending screams of agonized souls.

Primitive Fear Haunted House – In the same location as Asylum is Primitive Fear. Throughout the premises of Primitive Fear get prepared to meet inhabitants run over in street accidents, mutants, and zombies. Visitors coming to Asylum are also allowed to visit Primitive Fear in the same ticket.

City of the Dead – City of the Dead should be your last destination on Halloween. In addition to intense horrifying experiences this haunted house in Mile High Marketplace, it also offer live entertainment, food and drinks. With recreated city streets, and zombie themed entertainment zones, nights are unending sojourns of fun and enjoyment.

Top Halloween Songs

Top Halloween songs to enliven the night

Halloween is associated with some of the most popular songs you get to hear. From Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’ in 1962 to Pop Evil’s ‘Deal with the Devil’ in 2013, the list is scintillating.  As parties and music are synonymous, it is essential to keep the best numbers ready for the next Halloween party.

“Monster Mash” by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers – Ever since its first recording in 1962, when it reached #1 spot in the Hot 100 list, this is still a must in Halloween Parties even 53 years later.

“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder – Sung in 1972, this is one of Stevie Wonder’s signature songs. Though Stevie appeals to his listeners to stay away from superstitions through this song, there is a distinct spooky feeling about this number. No part is complete without a Stevie Wonder number.

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult – This song reached #12 of Hot 100 list of 1976. There is little element of creepiness when the song is heard. But when it is listened to carefully the lyrics are actually scary where a death-friendly man tries to impress his girl to join him in death.

“Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon – The late Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves” with its signature howling is a perfect entry for any Halloween event. This recording of 1978 reached the 21st spot of Hot 100.

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC – This number recorded in 1979 was ranked 47 in the Hot 100 list. This is a heavy metal item with distinctive eeriness that would add variety to your Halloween collection.

“Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker (Junior) – This song reached the top spot in Hot 100 list of 1884. The opening lines ‘Who ya gonna call’ is unmistakable in any Halloween party.

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson – Any item of this legend is unforgettable and evergreen. Though this song was ranked #4 in 1984’s Hot 100 list it is still the most downloaded number for any Halloween event. Till date 3.4 million digital copies of this item has been sold.

“Creep” by Radiohead – This chartbuster of 1993 brought the band to the forefront. This breakthrough hot is still a much awaited number in Halloween gatherings.

“This is Halloween” by Danny Elfman –  This number for ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ became famous in 2006.

“Deal with the Devil” by Pop Evil – This item belonging to hard rock genre was recorded in 2013 as part of Onyx album.


4 Must See Halloween Movies


Top Halloween movies for getting the shivers

With Halloween not far away it is time for horror movies in the cinema halls and multiplexes in your block. If you do not find a proper chance of visiting a cinema hall then an arrangement could very well be made at your place. All you need to do is create a perfect creepy setting with spooky paper garlands, cheesecloth spider webs, deranged Halloween centrepiece, vampire pumpkins, and glowing ghosts. For the entire evening, a set of the scariest movies could be kept for the bravest friends that you have invited. In case you have a home theatre then an entirely spooky environment could be created at home.

Sleepy Hollow – This Tim Burton movie released in 1999 is based on a short story by Washington Irving about the curse of a headless horseman. A small town Sleepy Hollow awakens to murders and secrets that were earlier laid to rest.

The Night of the Living Dead This cult horror film released in 1968 starts off delightfully scary and gradually becomes unexpectedly terrifying. The film starring Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Marilyn Eastman,  and A.C. McDonald is about a lady who after visiting her father’s grave takes refuge in an abandoned house to protect herself from zombies.  The situation worsens inside the house.

Rosemary’s Baby This movies also released in 1968 is based on Ira Levin’s novel of the same name. In this Roman Polanski’s film a couple after moving to a new apartment encounter strange incidents. Rosemary becomes pregnant through surrogacy and the father is the devil. The film stars Mia Farrow, Jonh Cassavetes and Ruth Gordon.

Halloween This John Carpenter film released in 1978 is a all time favourite draw for Halloween. On Halloween night of 1963, Michael Myers a child of 6 years kills his sister and is sent to asylum. He escapes after 15 years and returns to Haddonfiled to prey on teenagers hooked on drugs or sex. The cast includes Jamie Lee Curtis , Donald Pleasence, and Tony Moran as the grown up Michael Myers.

Psycho This Alfred Hitchcock cinema of 1960 is perhaps his scariest. Psycho featuring Vera Miles, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, and John Gavin shows a secretary stealing $40,000 to settle with her lover. On her way to California she checks into Bates Motel which is managed by Norman, a young man dominated by his mother.

Top Fall Festivals in Denver

Denver Festivals

Top fall festivals in Denver

The fall festivals in Denver extend from September to November. This is the time for some of the most exciting events of this city in Colorado State. After summer and before winter all of Denver erupts in fun and revelry through a series of events.

Festival Italiano –  This is an annual festival of Italian food and wine in Lakewood, Belmar. This 2-day festival on 12th and 13th Sept is full of all things Italian. There would be Italian wine tasters from the area, live cooking demonstrations of pasta, sausage, and pizza from leading chefs. More than 70 vendors of food and wine would be participating in this festival. For entertainment, there would be live Italian music, dancing, and Italian films.

Oktoberfest – Though termed Oktoberfest, it takes place between 18th and 27th September at Ballpark Neighbourhood. This festival of family and friends is essentially modelled on Munich’s festival of the same name. German tradition and customs are honoured with international participants joining in. Accordion concerts, dancing performances, and music concerts are events of this festival. There would be stalls selling German artefacts, books, and music albums and movie DVDs. German food and drinks are integral to Oktoberfest.

Pumpkin Fest – This year Pumpkin Fest is scheduled from 9th -11th October in Denver Botanic Garden in Chatfield. This fest sets the mood for Halloween with delicious pumpkin pie gourd and jack o’ lanterns. The gardens would be full of ripe pumpkins to be picked and bought. Children are expected to have a gala time with thrilling games. Carnival rides, historic ranch tours and discovering animals at the working farm are additional attractions for visitors.

Fright Fest – Fright Fest is held on weekend throughout October at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. The entire park is converted to a spooky place with haunted houses, trick trails, and fun rides.

Denver Film Festival – This 12 day event is scheduled between 4th and 15th November with screenings taking place in theatres across the city including UA Pavilions and Sie FilmCenter. Denver Film Society organizes this festival annually to promote cinema both as an art and entertainment form.

Denver International Wine Festival – The fall festivals come to a completion with this wine festival held between 28th and 30th November at Omni Interlocken Resort and Spa in Broomfield. Over 400 wine samples would be offered to guests and visitors.

Denver Halloween Costume Stores

Denver Costume Shop

Top costume stores in Colorado to shop for Halloween

In Halloween it is customary to wear weird costumes, irrespective of your age. This is the only festival that allows you to dress up in strange uncanny attires which otherwise would look outlandish. This freedom of going as you like even in matured age is a matter of great enthusiasm. Even at a grown up age it gives you the freedom to become younger. Costume designing for Halloween is an art and involves great imagination.

Halloween costumes could be created at home or bought from stores in your city or town. Like all other states of the country the cities and towns in Colorado get decked up for this fall festival. Clothing and costume stores lining the streets of Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Alamosa, and Grand Junction get decked up for this fun festival. Though Halloween is associated with ghosts and witches and a sinister ambience is created in parties, the essence is that of fun and merriment. Costumes are always a vital component of Halloween and stores do brisk business during this period.

Residents staying in or near Denver could check up with:

  • The Wizard’s Chest – This store on Fillmore Street in Cherry Creek is in business since 1983 and makes the most innovative dresses for Halloween. It sells costumes for men, women and children.
  • Disguises Costume – This shop was adjudged the best store of 2014 and has an amazing collection of costumes for every size and shape. In this neatly organized store the friendly staff helps you in selecting the best costume.
  • Reinke Brothers – Reinke Brothers in South Prince Street in Littleton is outstanding nor its costumes but also its accessories. Accessories are as important as costumes for a Halloween party. Getting props and dresses under one roof at reasonable prices saves immense time for shoppers.
  • Gott-A-Costume – In case you are looking for creative and passionate costume designers then this is the store to be in. Located in East Hampton Avenue in Aurora you are sure to find a new set of costumes in every season.
  • Theatrical Costumes Etc – If vintage costumes is what you are looking for, then this outlet on Broadway Street in South Boulder is the place to visit.

Halloween is always a fun affair involving your near and dear ones. All attempts should be made to make it a grand success.

Sexiest Costumes for Halloween

Sexiest Costumes for Halloween

Sexiest costumes for Halloween

Halloween is not only the time to put on your weirdest attires but also the sexist costumes. It is not unusual to see women of all ages from late teenagers, to youngsters and matured ladies trying out the most bold and sexy outfits on Halloween. Quaint outlets to designer stores keep sets of alluring and lovable dresses perfect for the occasion. As these stores cater to a large cross- section of buyers, they have attires of different designs and prices.

Arkham City Harley Quinn costume – This costume is inspired by Batman and  Catwoman cartoon series. This sexy outfit shows a lot of flesh around your mid section, the arms and the neck. Legs are completely covered in figure hugging material and the colour of the dress is always dark in keeping with night time.

Mystery Pirate costume – A pirate costume is perennially alluring. These are always in dark shades and complemented with headbands, nets, and knee length footwear. The shoulders and upper arms remain uncovered while the forearms are covered in black net. The dress covers the upper thighs leaving rest of the leg uncovered except for a knee high shoe in black leather. Red band with a bow at the waist, a read head band and a black eye patch complete the attire of a sexy pirate.

Harbour hottie costume – Even light colours could look tempting if you have the proper attitude and figure to carry off this hot design. A U- neck short tee shirt with deep cut shows plenty of skin around your neck and cleavage, and also around your waist. The upper part is paired with a strap-on short pant and a sailor’s cap. Spotless white gloves, and white stockings up to your knee increase your attraction.

Nip tuck nurse costume – Even nurse costume could make you desirable if it is body hugging and of correct colour combination. A combination in red and black would be perfect for Halloween. This is a one-piece dress with deep V-neck and short sleeves. Your legs stay covered in black stockings and corsets. Red gloves, red stiletto pumps and a nurse’s cap completes your sexy party outfit.

Pumpkin Carving Tips

Pumpkin Carving Tips

Pumpkin carving tips and Jack lantern

Pumpkin carving is an art and takes fullest expression during Halloween. Jack lanterns carved out of this vegetable are the centre of attention in any Halloween party or decoration. Making a lantern or a mask out of a pumpkin requires craftsmanship and experience. Carving a pumpkin takes patience and technique. Certain tips could make your task easier.

*A pumpkin that is to be carved must not be eaten. For lanterns it is better to procure large pumpkins. In fact, larger the vegetable, easier would be the carving and better would be its patterns. Pumpkins with smooth and lighter peel should be chosen. Pumpkins with spoilt, mouldy or rotten stems should be avoided as they stale faster and makes carving difficult. Pumpkins with softer and lighter peels are always easier to design.

*For cutting the top, the knife must always be placed at an angle, say 45 degree, and not vertically. If cut vertically, the top would pass through completely and cannot be used as a lid.

*For scooping, an ice cream scoop or heavy metal spoon could be used. The seeds could be cleaned and stored as they make an excellent snack when roasted. Scooping should be such that the wall is about 1-1 ¼ inch thick. The interior should be made as smooth as possible as that would allow better reflection of light.

*After scooping, the pumpkin should be submerged in bleach water solution for a couple of hours. 1 teaspoon of bleaching powder for every gallon of water should be used. After submerging, it should be cleaned properly and dried. Cut edges should be smeared with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to prevent shrivelling. If shrivelling is observed then the process of submerging should be repeated.

*Draw the pattern to be carved on a piece of paper. Then, using a sharp knife cut the areas that are to be carved on to the pumpkin. After taping the paper template on to the pumpkin, mark the areas that are needed to be cut. A pumpkin carving or serrated knife could be used for this purpose. For making the pumpkin stable it is advisable to cut the bottom.

*A fire proof base should be placed comfortably so that a lighted candle does not topple. Remove the lid and place the candle. Light it during party time. Now-a-days batteruy operated electric candles are preferred.